"Schools Will Rock You" takes to the stage


This year's school show was 'School's Will Rock You' .  It is a school version of the hit Westend musical 'We Will Rock You'.  The show was produced by Queen and Ben Elton.  It features many of Queen's hit songs.  The story is set in the future in a time when musical instruments and composers are forbidden. Everyone wears the same clothes, listens to the same music and holds the same opinions. Anyone trying to be different or break the rules is severely punished by the evil 'Killer Queen' (who is in charge of the Globalsoft Corporation) and her head of secret police 'Khashoggi'.  Our heroes 'Galileo' and 'Scaramouche' who are rebels, meet a group of 'Bohemians' who are trying to fight against the 'Globalsoft Corporation' and bring back live rock music.

We began rehearsing seven weeks ago with our two Transition Year classes.  As well as performing in the show (with help from a number of students from other year groups) the TYS have produced the show themselves.  They were all given specific tasks including costumes, props, advertising, tickets, raffle prizes, choreography and multimedia. 

This year we have had a few obstacles to overcome like hurricanes and powercuts but as always 'the show must go on' and we have had a great time working with the students to help them produce their school show.

A special note of thanks to staff who helped us including Ms Flood, Mr McCarthy, Mr Daly, Ms O'Hara, Mr Cash, Mr Sweeney and all the other teachers who supported us along the way.  It would not be possible to this without your help.

Thanks to all the parents who supported us and for donating to our raffle and to the local businesses who every year support us with advertising and raffle prizes.

A special mention must be given to our band made up of past and present students. They have done an amazing job bringing Queen's music to life for the cast and the audience. 

Thanks again.

Ms Sullivan, Ms Doran, Ms Caffrey and Mr Farrell.