Action Zambia was founded in Colaiste Chiarain in 2009 to support the work being undertaken by the Presentation Sisters in Southern Zambia. Since 2009 in excess of one hundred students and volunteers have travelled to Zambia to work on the project.

In June 2016 twelve students and four staff will lead our sixth trip to Kalomo to work across a number of projects. You will be able to follow their progress directly from this website through our News blog on the homepage.

Action Zambia is an Irish registered charity (Chy 19255) whose aim is to alleviate poverty in Zambia. We are particularly focused on projects which are sustainable and encourage self sufficiency.

We are involved in educational projects both in Lusaka and in particular, Kalomo, in Southern Zambia. We believe that education is one of the pillars on which to build a better, brighter future. And the people of Zambia agree with us. Many students will walk for hours to get to school, such is the value they place on education.

We are also involved in farming  and ICT projects.


Our Child Sponsorship Programme has been running now for a number of years.  Our project was set up to help provide some of the basics that we take for granted like food and education, for the children in Kalomo in Southern Zambia.  Unfortunately in Zambia if families cannot afford to pay school fees then the children can’t attend school….no fees means no school.

There is an incredible thirst for knowledge as we saw when we visited some of our sponsor children in Kalomo last year.  In fact such is their desire to attend school that many children will walk up to three hours each day from far off villages in order to receive an education. Many of the children we are working with come from families who are living in very difficult circumstances.  Sr. Teresa, our project coordinator in Kalomo is extremely grateful for this long term support as she feels that education is the only way forward for the young people.

100% of all money collected will go directly to this Programme as we have no overheads or administration costs so this ensures that everything goes directly to our project.

If you would like to become ‘A Forever Friend’ more information is available here on our website.

You can assist us in our efforts by making a small secure donation to ActionZambia. 100% of all donation go directly to our projects in Zambia.