Extra-Curricular Activities

Coláiste Chiaráin is committed to the promotion of extra-curricular activities for all students in the school. We recognise the multi-intelligences of students and want extra curricular activities to play a part in the development of these.
It is our belief that extra-curricular activities play an important role in the holistic education of each student, leading to the development of self-confidence, self-esteem and school spirit.

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Green Schools

Colaiste Chiarain currently holds a green flag and we are in the process of renewing it. At the moment we are working on the Energy Theme while consolidating our work on the Litter and Waste themes. The Green Schools committee is made up of students from all year groups and any staff members who are interested in helping the environment.

Each year we hold an environmental awareness week with activities such as poster competitions, screening of environmental movies and documentaries and recycling drives.

The green schools initiative is anchored by a teacher but run by the students. 

Theatre and Performing Arts

Colaiste Chiarain is very proud of its musical and performing arts tradition.  We aim to put on a school show every year before the October mid-term using Transition Year students as the basis for our cast and crew.  Auditions are open to all first, second and fifth years as well.  Recent productions include Footloose, Back to the 80's and Calamity Jane.  

One of the most impressive facts about these shows is that the band is usually made up of musicians from the school, from first year upwards. Transition Year students are highly involved from day one with sets, costumes, advertising, raffle, props etc. 

We are very lucky that the staff of the school get behind us in this huge project. We feel that it is of great benefit to the students. It boosts their confidence and allows some to shine who might not always be at the fore front academically or on the sports field.  

Christmas Carol Service

It has become a recent tradition that we put on a Christmas carol service every year.  At this festive event, we try to get as many of the music classes involved in performing Christmas type music, either in the school or in the parish church for the rest of the school body.