Support Services

The school provides a number of services that are intended to support the ever-changing needs of students. Student support services include a variety of formal and informal services that help to meet the needs of our students. These services are provided to help and guide each student to reach their full potential.

Class Tutor

The Class Tutor develops a special relationship with the class so that the students can discuss difficulties or problems. The Tutor will monitor the educational progress of each student and motivate the class to achieve the highest possible standard.

Year Head

The Year Head provides the administrative support necessary to ensure that the Pastoral Care structure functions effectively. She/he coordinates a caring structure by meeting students daily while checking attendance, meeting students at assembly which is presided over by the Chaplain. The aim of this meeting is to bring the year group together and to reinforce the ethos of the school, encouraging students to develop a high standard of work and behaviour.
Year Heads meet individual students and classes regularly as needs arise. She/he maintains contact with parents/guardians at Parent/Teacher meetings and on an individual basis. The Year Heads, in conjunction with tutors and teachers, ensure a coordinated approach, identifying problems and dealing with these matters as they arise.


Principal and Deputy Principal give witness to the Pastoral Care structure by supporting students and staff in developing the school community. We firmly recognise the importance of students self-esteem and dignity and the impact of this on their development. We place great emphasis on encouraging all our community to express, care and concern for themselves and others.


The primary role of the School Chaplain is that of faith presence in the school community. Accompanying students on their life’s journey, the chaplain brings hope, love, kindness and understanding to the everyday events of school life. The Chaplain listens and offers support in times of difficulty. The role of chaplain is a professional one and a privileged responsibility.


The guidance and counselling service in Colaiste Chiarain aims to help its students to develop an awareness and acceptance of their talents and abilities; to explore possibilities and opportunities; to grow in independence and to take responsibility for themselves; to make informed choices about their lives and to follow through on those choices.

Care Team

A positive school climate, in which young people feel connected, is the best environment for learning. In the context of the School Mission Statement. The Care Team seeks to enhance relationships among students, and between students, teachers, and parents, so as to nurture our sense of community in Coláiste Chiaráin with a particular focus on vulnerable children in need of support.
The services underpinning the Care Team include:

  • Pastoral Care
  • Restorative Practices
  • Active Listening
  • Critical Incident Procedures


Prefects are chosen in sixth year. They act as a liaison between staff and teachers. These senior students assist with supervision. They are exemplary students and are role models for our younger students. They foster a sense of community and show leadership to other student. The Head Girl and Head Boy lead the Prefect team.


Gluais support incoming 1st year students to ease the transition from primary to secondary school. The school believes that students should receive high levels of support at this stage and we believe that students already in the school are well positioned to assist incoming 1st years. The Gluais team arrange a variety of activities for 1st Years.


Peer Mentors

Mentors make a valuable contribution to the overall ethos of the school’s pastoral support systems and positive behaviour support structures. Senior students help and support 1st Year students to become familiar with and settle into their new environment. Senior students meet 1st Year students on a formal and informal basis, acting as role models of good behaviour.