In honour of science week 2015 which runs from the 8th -15th November , a crime scene investigation was set up in the science lab inviting all first year students to solve the mystery of the murdered student. In room 22 evidence was laid out for the young investigators to analyse. The evidence included fingerprints, footprints and even a DNA profile of the murderer! But only when all the pieces of the puzzle were put together it was possible to identify the murderer from the line up of 4 suspects. These suspects were 4 of Colaiste Chiarain’s very own science teachers - Mr Dempsey, Mr MacAnAircinn, Ms Penny and Ms Shiels.

All the investigators did a great job at analysing the evidence but only 4 outstanding investigators cracked the mystery! It was Ms Shiels whom had committed the murder and covered her tracks by planting Mr MacAnAircinn’s DNA on the student while refused to give a DNA sample of her own. But as the investigators noted Ms Shiels left fingerprints, a footprint and evidence behind. Congratulations to Adam, Mark, Zara and Alex who solved the mystery.