Culture Day 2017


Link to some photos from todays culture experience.

On Friday the 26th of May, fifth year students and Ms.Cotter organised a culture day for the first years. Fifth year students from a range of different countries came together to present the 1st years with a talk where people spoke about their cultures .The first years were then brought to the hall and were able to go around and sample foods from these cultures.

Teachers took part also bringing in food from South Africa ( Ms.Penny),  France(Ms.Bonbon) and Korea(Mr.English). Students and some teachers also wore the traditional clothes or jewellery of their country. All together there was 16 different stands with a variety of foods for the first years to eat from countries like Armenia, India, Slovakia, Russia and Nigeria.

The first years got a chance to experience and learn about the many different cultures within our school. We hope to do this again next year and to celebrate the multiple cultures within our school. With a big thanks to all teacher and students involved in organising and setting up this event.

Account added by Fíona Omobamidele

List of people who took part:

● Esther Tebbe (USA)

● Cheska Dela Cruz (Philippines)

● Juan Miguel (Philippines)

● Akil Benny (India)

● Ms.Penny (South Africa)

● Jakub Agarski (Slovakia )

● Eugenia Hanniffy ( Russia)

● Gohar Adamyan (Armenia)

● Gayane Gevorgyan (Armenia)

● Rehan Ahmed ( Pakistan)

● Daniel Jupe ( New Zealand)

● Sandra Ogundele (Nigeria)

● Tosin Shokeye (Nigeria)

● Stephanie Darlington (Nigeria)

● Diana Lavrova (Estonia)

● Fíona Omobamidele (Ireland)

● Ashely Njonguo (Cameron)

● Pearla Rock (Congo)

● Oberon Kangela (Congo)

● Mr. english ( korea)

● Ms. Bonbon (France)