Awards Week 2017

Congratulation to all our award recipients this week. On Monday and Tuesday of this week each year group assembled in the hall for this eagerly awaited ceremony.

1st Year Awards

Back Row: A.Harrington (Female Sports), J.Ledwedge (Sports), E.Balogun (Sports), H.Farrell (Sports), B.O'Hare.
Front Row: A.McCarthy (Female Diagras), M. A. Merenciuc Sadoveanu (Spirit of Colaiste Chiarain), S.Baker (Female student of the Year), A.Slowey (Female Degras), O.Leahy (Student of the Year)


Student of the Year

Sophie Baker, B.O'Hare, Oscar Leahy

2nd Year Awards

Back Row: R.Hession (Spirit of Colaiste Chiarain), C.Masterson (Spirit of Colaiste Chiarain), D.Melville (Male Sports), J.Quinn (Student of the Year) O. Oyekan (Arts and Literature) J.Ward (Arts and Literature) G.Heffron
Front Row: K.Thornton (Female Sports) A.Hyland (Student of the Year) C. Kouogum (Female Diagras) J. Bitinaite (Female Diagras) E.McDonnell (Arts and Literature) C.Tebbe, (Arts and Literature) C.Jackson (Male Diagras)

3rd Year Awards

Back Row: D.Broderick, A.Hession (Male Diagras) J. Casey (Male Sports) T.Howe (Male Sports) F.Akorede (Female Sports) S.Cotter.  
Front Row: A.Maher (Female Diagras) E.Ginnety (Male Student of the Year) C.Ledwidge (Spirit of Colaiste Chiarain) S.Byrne (Female Student of the Year)

5th Year Awards

Back Row: R.Potts, C.Sunderland, O.Tully, N.Carey, J.Agarski, C.Cotter
Front Row: K.Walsh, G. Gervarygow, E.Coburn, S.Tiernan, S.Flattery, E.Hanniffy

5th Student of the Year

R.Potts, E.Coburn, S.Tiernan, N.Carey, C.Cotter

5th Year Class Awards

Back Row: R.Potts, P.Lynch, S.Englishby, C.Byrne, D.Wall, O. Stoicescu, C.Cotter.
Front Row: A.Njonguo, L.Power, S.McPadden, G.Adamyan, K.Dempsey

6th YearAwards

Back Row: T.Carey, B.Brezina, K.Sweeney, D.Hetherington, L.Doran, S.Smyth, J.Donohue, Mel Dela Cruz.
Front Row: E.Boland, C.Sleith, N.Cosgrove, K.Sleith, A.Abdulrashid, A.Kiernan, S.Walsh, F.Hayes

Student of the Year 2017

C.Sleith, L.Doran, O. Hoelzle

Principals Awards

J.Sweeney, C.Keating.

T.Carey, F.Hayes, M. Sharif, M.Cox.