Study Skills and Anti-Bullying programme


On Wed 4th and Thurs 5th Oct, our 2nd & 5th year students participated in the Sticks and Stones Anti-Bullying Programme, a European award winning anti-bullying programme for Irish schools.

Using a combination of in-depth discussion, communication exercises, role-play and drama the  facilitators encouraged  students to explore and articulate their feelings and attitudes towards bullying. The approach is not to attribute blame to individuals, but to look at the class holistically and to examine the group dynamics at play. It is intensive and participative  and  gave the students the opportunity to look at their behaviour in a fun, imaginative and non-threatening way

Study Skills
On Mon 3rd Oct, each 1st  Year classes had an 80 minute study skills workshop delivered by trainer, Raymond Langan from The Super Generation. It was a dynamic and fun seminar which gave students some basic tools and strategies for better study. 1st Year SPHE teachers were in attendance and will continue to embed these learning techniques

Also, on Mon 3rd Oct, our 3rd Year students attended a 2 hour workshop delivered by Ben Best from  The Tree of Knowledge. The excellent feedback from the students revealed that they had embraced the message of the workshop  - ‘the dreams of young adults are very real and why not be the best you can be!’